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If you have an unexpected bill some time before pay day, then it can leave you worried about how you are going to manage financially. However, there are solutions out there which can provide you with the help that you need. A payday loan with no hard credit check could get you access to the money that you need. You can apply for these types of loans without any effect on your credit score.

What Are Pay Day Loans With No Hard Credit Check?

Payday loans are small loans which can provide you with the money you need in an emergency situation such as car repairs or an unexpected bill. The money will then be repaid in a few weeks time when you receive your next paycheck. These loans are sometimes advertised as having no credit check, but this is not usually the case. Lenders do not often make any decision without performing some kind of credit check.

It is more likely to be the case that lenders will perform a soft credit check. This is still good news for you because it means the search that they perform won’t leave a record on your credit file. Lenders that advertise no credit checks may also perform checks from outside the traditional credit bureaus.

How Do No Hard Credit Check Loans Work?

Loans that are made without a hard credit check can be applied for in person or online. If you apply in person and are accepted, then you may be given cash by the lender. For online applications that are successful, the money is more likely to be paid into your bank account but many lenders will be able to do this instantly.

If the lender has not carried out a hard credit check, then you may have to show proof of your income. This could be a paycheck stub or a copy of your bank statement. If you are applying online then you may have to email these over. You will pay interest on a pay day loan but if you are able to pay it back sooner than expected, then this will reduce the interest that you pay. The amount of interest that is paid on the loan can also be less than the fees you would occur for missing a payment on a credit card for example.

Many people that apply for a pay day loan with no credit check prefer to do it online. Applications can be made at any time of the day and night and you will usually get an instant decision. It is a very convenient way to get the money that you need.

Are There Alternatives To Pay Day Loans?

When you have a proven track record with a lender, then they may be able to lend you a larger amount over a longer period. However, without carrying out a credit check, these loans may not be available straight away. The lender will need to get an idea of your payment history for themselves before they would be able to offer loans for a larger amount.

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